Pressure Vessel & API Tank Design

DPC designs quality, reliable, and affordable ASME pressure vessels for petroleum and chemical industries around the globe. Our engineering background and experience allow us to model and engineer pressure vessels that meet all ASME Section VIII, and Division 1 standards.

Each pressure vessel is customized to fit the needs of its application best. Small and large-diameter vessels can be designed either horizontally or vertically. Further, ASME pressure vessels can be customized to meet high or low-pressure ratings, to have accessory valves, and heating and cooling options. Ladder and platforms can also be designed specifically for our pressure vessels.

In addition to ASME pressure vessels, we have extensive experience in API tank design. All of our above-ground storage tanks are custom designed to fit your needs while simultaneously meeting API standards.

DPC’s meticulous attention to detail and engineering expertise means we can design extremely high-quality ASME pressure vessels and API tanks in agreeable turn-around time.

DPC Industrial


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