Pressure Vessels

At DPC, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture custom pressure vessels that comply with ASME safety regulations. All of our custom ASME pressure vessels are built to meet the specifications dictated by the client and are designed for durability and top performance. Moreover, our pressure vessels are rigorously inspected using pressure, ultrasonic, and x-ray testing to ensure that they can be used safely. Call DPC at 281.839.0020 to learn more about our pressure vessel design and fabrication.



Highlighted fabrication includes:

  • Amine Storage Tank
  • Lean Amine Tank
  • Process Water Slop Tank
  • Bulk Oil Storage Tank
  • Oxygen Scavenger Storage Tank
  • BFW Phosphate Storage Tank
  • 2 & 3 Phase Separators
  • Debutanizer Reflux Accumulator
  • Depropanizer Compressor Suction KO Drum
  • Refrigerant Suction Drums
  • Refrigerant Economizers
  • Refrigerant Accumulators
  • Hot Oil Surge Drums
  • Flash Drums

Custom ASME Pressure Vessel Design

Our engineering team can design a pressure vessel for whatever application. We specialize in both small and large-diameter vessels, columns and towers that are compliant with Section VIII, Div 1 of the ASME regulation.

Using auto-CAD software, we are able to create a virtual model of the pressure vessel. Combined with our engineering experience, this modeling technique allows us to design the optimal vessel for your application.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Once the virtual model is complete, we begin to fabricate the specific components of each pressure vessels. The pressure vessel is then welded together and shaped into its final form in our own facility.

Vessels can be fabricated from a variety of materials, including standard and low temperature carbon steels, stainless steels, titanium, and many metal alloys. All ASME pressure vessels are painted and tested to determine its structural integrity.


Repair and Rehabilitation of Pressure Vessels

Our extensive knowledge of ASME codes and manufacturing capabilities allow us to diagnose problems and fix pressure vessels to restore them back to working condition. Safety is of the utmost importance to us and we make sure to properly repair pressure vessels and test them before being put back in service.

Re-Certification of Pressure Vessels

ASME requires pressure vessels to undergo scheduled maintenance and inspections to check for safety hazards. Our team is licensed to re-certify ASME pressure vessels. Re-certifications can be done on-site; pressure vessels can be modified in the field to meet certification requirements.

Contact DPC to learn more about how our custom ASME pressure vessels are designed, fabricated, and built for optimal safety and performance.

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