Asme Pressure Vessel Re-Certification

DPC is accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to inspect all other types of pressure vessels. ASME pressure vessels need to be re-certified if they have undergone repair after failing an inspection or if the ASME code itself has undergone changes. Because we are experts in all aspects of ASME pressure vessels – from the design to fabrication and repair – our team is well equipped to perform the inspection and rehabilitation necessary to re-certify your equipment.

The "U" Certification

The ASME "U" certification guarantees that pressure vessels are designed and fabricated in accordance with certain engineering and safety standards to ensure a long, useful service life. These stringent requirements are updated according to advances in technology and safety standards, thereby demanding re-certification.

Pressure vessels also depend on an intricate interaction of parts and machinery that require refurbishing to run properly. Any kind of repair or rehabilitation requires re-certification by an ASME accredited body.

If you have an ASME pressure vessel or boiler that is in need of inspection and re-certification, please contact the experts at DPC at 281-839-0020.

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