Asme Pressure Vessel Inspection and Maintenance

Custom designed and manufactured pressure vessels are a large investment. Repairs and alterations are performed to NBIC “R” Stamp requirements. At DPC, we are committed to providing our clients with more than just an inspection – we also provide our clients with alteration design services and repairs to keep your ASME pressure vessels within code requirements.

ASME Pressure Vessel Inspections & Repairs

DPC holds the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors Certificate, which authorizes us to do metallic repairs and/or alterations to certified pressure vessels. This certificate endows us to use the “R” stamp on any ASME pressure vessel we repair.

Our team is specially trained to repair and rehabilitate all types of pressure vessels made out of a variety of materials, including stainless steels, carbon steel, and alloys.

Dedication to Safety

Regular inspections are absolutely critical for the safety of your team. One small oversight could cost you the life of a someone in your crew.

Call DPC for your next ASME pressure vessel and boiler inspection, repair or alteration. Our rigorous inspection and precise repairs will keep your plant running smoothly and in accordance with code for years to come.

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