Welding Fabrication

DPC has the capability to design, manufacture and install custom carbon steel and alloy piping systems. Our team uses the latest in modeling and computing technology to design safe and efficient piping systems for the oil, refining, chemical, and power industries. Our certified and experienced technicians perform pipe welding jobs at our facility as well as on site. For quality customer service and high caliber welding services, please call DPC at (281) 839-0020.

Pipe Fabrication Services

Each piping system is designed using computer modeling techniques before it is fabricated. The alloy used to manufacture the pipe is selected based pressure and temperature requirements; coating options are also available.

Although we specialize in big bore piping, our team is can also weld and fabricate small-diameter pipes. In addition to piping, we also manufacture pig launchers and receivers for pipe cleaning and maintenance.

On and Off Site Pipe Welding

A significant portion of the piping system can generally be welded off-site in our own facility. Some welding is necessary during the installation of the system at the job site. Our expert welders are experienced with welding and installing piping systems for a variety of applications.

Pipe welding services can also be used for the repair and modify an existing pipe system and its components.

Pick a service that can work on your piping system from start to finish. Contact DPC for pipe fabrication, welding, and installation.

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