Industrial Remodeling Contractors In The Houston Area

The foundation of our company lies in construction. Our team takes on industrial and large commercial remodeling projects in the greater Houston area. Specifically, our crew specializes in remodeling and upgrading manufacturing facilities, hospitals, warehouses, petrochemical facilities, plants, laboratories, and large storage facilities. In addition to the actual remodeling construction, we do our own demolition work and can help design the modifications.

Industrial Remodeling

As professional industrial remodeling service company, we understand how critical industry standards are to the safety of your crew and the functioning of your facility. We work hand in hand with engineers to ensure that our modifications meet both safety regulations and industry standards.

Heavy Commercial Houston Remodeling Projects

Over the years we have done build-outs and modifications for warehouses, large storage facilities, manufacturing facilities, gated office buildings, labs, plants, and hospitals. Designs can either be provided to us or we can work directly with the client to come up with a functional design for the remodeled space.

All of our remodeling and construction projects are done with the client’s deadline and business needs in mind.

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