Field Services

DPC is committed to providing clients with a wealth of quality field services for their construction projects in the Houston bay area. These services vary from preliminary site work and flat work to the design and fabrication of pre-engineered buildings. Our team is trained and certified to manufacture and install piping systems, along with providing quality welding services both on and off site.

Design / Build: Pre-Engineered Buildings and Remodeling

Pre-engineered and fabricated metal buildings are a fantastic alternative to conventional construction methods. We design and manufacture entire facilities as well as additions to buildings, such as metal roofs and paneling.

As an Energy Star-certified supplier, we can offer you energy-efficient building options at an affordable price. All of the industrial facilities, chemicals plants, motor control centers (MCCs), and manufacturing facilities we engineer can be designed to be sustainable and to minimize energy usage without sacrificing functionality.

In addition to engineering and manufacturing entire facilities, our team utilizes our experience for unique remodeling projects. From industrial facilities, to homes and office buildings, Deer Park Construction can design and construct a new space in an existing area.

Civil Construction Field Services

As structural concrete and site work experts, our team can help ensure that your construction project has the structural integrity it needs to maximize safety and lifespan.

In terms of initial site work, our team can clear, dewater, and level out the construction site in a professional and timely fashion. We also specialize in flat work and foundations. From the initial excavation of the foundation and trench digging, to the actual pouring of concrete, we can help you with some of the most essential steps of construction.

Once the foundation is set, DPC can supply you with the structural concrete services you need to fill out the spine of your building. As with all of our services, our field and construction services are carried out with utmost professionalism and with construction deadlines in mind.

Welding & Fabrication: Piping Manufacturing and Installation

Our manufacturing capabilities and trained welders allow us to create and install custom metal piping systems. Piping can be made in conjunction with our custom pressure vessels or as completely separate units. Our team work both on and off the job site and is fully equipped to install underground piping.

Are you curious about our design / build, site work, structural concrete, and piping services? Call DPC at 281.839.0020 to inquire about our Houston construction field services.

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